About us

FreeON is an European brand that offers a wide range of baby gear and kids equipment. For over 10 years our products have been enriching lives of many parents and children every day. We offer products that are in line with modern parenting trends and simultaneously reflect our core values – quality, high functionality, safety and aesthetics.

Our mission

From the beginning our mission is to provide young households with kids equipment and baby gear that enables them to build a carefree loving family environment. As parenting trends continue to evolve, we evolve with them, but our core values stay the same – we create aesthetic and safe products of high quality and functionality.

Our vision

We aim to build a long lasting relationship with our existing costumers and reach out to the potential users at existing and new European markets. We will continue to follow parenting trends and strive to offer products that meet the expectations of every modern parent.

Our products

Our product lines include Street, Car, Home and Sleep.

Street line includes broad range of baby strollers with different dimensions and functionalities. Is your little one ready to see the world? Discover it together with one of our safe and comfortable strollers!

In our Car line you will find a wide variety of children’s car seats. Ideal opportunity to find a comfortable seat for your child that will enable him/her safe ride and carefree observations of car’s surroundings on the way.

With Home line you can create a lovely and safe family environment at your home. Choose among diverse range of baby gear, furniture, decorations and baby care products.

Sleep line includes everything that moms, moms to be, babies and kids need for comfortable and carefree rest. Beautiful bedding, soft sheets and cozy blankets will enrich every kid’s room! Moms and mom to be will enjoy comfortable and fashionable maternity sleeping pillows and wonderful breastfeeding pillows.

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We wish you loads of fun and happy family moments, while using our products! We believe that our brand will help you enjoy parenthood to its fullest, and your little ones to enjoy a happy and safe childhood.

FreeON – the most beautiful moments with your child.