General Terms and Conditions of Website

Company info

Apollo d.o.o.o., Puhova ulica 18

225o PTUJ, Slovenija,

WAT number: SI95965645

Phone :: 00386 8 2008 660


The General Terms and Conditions of FreeON’s website operation determine conditions of purchases and sales of products carried out by Apollo Ltd., Svetinci 35, 2253 DESTRNIK (hereinafter referred to as the Bidder / Seller).

The General Terms and Conditions were drawn up in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), Protection and Protection of Personal Data in the International e-business Codes.

The purchase process

The online store operates 24 hours a day, all days of the week. Use of the online store is free of charge. The buyer can choose and order the products and then add them to the shopping cart. With the final confirmation in the last step the order is complete. After the submission of the order the buyer receives a conformational e-mail. The order is stored electronically with the provider.

Prices and payment methods

All product prices are in Euros and include value added tax (VAT, 22%). We reserve the right to change the prices in the online store. When ordering, the prices published on the online store are recorded in the final confirmation of the order. Unless otherwise stated, prices are for one piece.

Payment methods

The online store provides the following payment method:

  • Payment by credit or debit card

At the online store, the purchase can also be settled by payment or credit cards.

Credit Cards: MasterCard, Visa and Karanta.

Payment cards: Maestro.

When paying by card:

– the provider considers that the payer is the same person who owns the payment or credit card,

– it is not possible to change the content of the order after the submition of the order of the contract, except in special cases as determined by the offeror.

  • Payment via Paypal Paypal

is an easy, but most important, safe way to pay online orders.

  •  Leanpay – comming soon

Special offers and coupons on the online store

Discounts apply to selected products with regular price from the stock, are clearly marked, with the amount of discount and duration and are calculated at checkout. Discounts do not add up. The discount is also displayed on the order. Coupon campaigns are occasional and limited in time. Discount coupons do not add up. One coupon can be redeemed for each purchase.

Pictures of products

Images of products are symbolic.

The product actually received may be minimally different from the product image online.

  Text with products

Texts on articles are for informational purposes only. Contact us at for more detailed descriptions and information.

Liability and withdrawal from sales contract

Apollo d.o.o. endeavors to the best of its ability to ensure the consistency and timeliness of the information published on the online store. However, product characteristics, stock and prices can change so quickly that Apollo d.o.o. fails to correct the data or it may inadvertently happen that some of the data (price, features, stock, …) is incorrect. In this case, or if the price of the item changes during the processing of the order, we will notify the buyer of any changes and allow him to cancel the order or replace the ordered product. In such cases, the bidder also reserves the right to withdraw the sales contract.



Products are warranted if stated on the warranty card. The warranty is valid according to the instructions on the warranty card and when submitting the invoice. Warranty periods are indicated on the warranty card or invoice.

The warranty expires on:

  • disregarding the instructions for use,
  • repairs carried out by an unauthorized person,
  • negligent handling of the product,
  • Damage resulting from mechanical shock caused by the customer or third party.



Apollo d.o.o. goods ordered from an online retailer are  delivered by a GLS contract partner.  Delivery time is 1-5 days if the item is in stock, it depends of a country where the shipment is intended to go. Delivery is provided by the delivery service, who will also inform the customer about the delivery time. Delivery is made to the address given by the buyer at the time of the order. The buyer can agree with the delivery service on the time and place of the delivery of the package. The GLS delivery service allows you to arrange the delivery directly with the supplier, thus selecting the place and time that suits him the best.


Shipping costs:

The shipping cost depends on a country of a customer. During special campaigns, the amount of postage charged may change. For shipments sent abroad, postage is charged according to the delivery service price list. In case of return of the shipment from abroad to Slovenia the postage is paid by the sender.


Return of goods

 Right of resignation from the contract, return of goods

The buyer of the ordered goods in the online store has the right to inform the company at the following e-mail address: within 14 days of receiving the goods, without having to give a reason for his decision. The goods must be returned to the seller within 14 days of the notice of cancellation (purchase). The deadline begins one day after the date of receiving the ordered goods. The buyer may optionally use the attached resignation form for the purpose of resignation. Regardless of the form of cancellation, the buyer must provide a copy of the invoice to Apollo d.o.o.

Goods received must be returned undamaged, unchanged and in their original packaging. If the product has been assembled within this period and has already been used return is not possible.   The company returns payments received to the buyer with the same payment method as the buyer used, and if the buyer agrees, the paid amount of the ordered goods is returned to his TRR. Payments will be refunded as soon as possible and no later than 14 days after the product reception in the same condition and in the original packaging. In order to ensure the certainty, accuracy and timeliness of the return and to provide records of payments, the refund of the payment to the buyer by prior arrangement is made by transferring to his transaction account. The company may withhold payment until it receives the returned goods or until the buyer sends proof that the goods have been sent back, whichever comes first. The cost of returning the package is borne by the consumer (sender).

The right to exchange goods, refund, warranty, material defects and improperly rendered services is more closely regulated by the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act – link:

http: // IdRescriptions = ZAKO7399 & idRescriptionsChng = ZAKO513 & type = pdf ( unofficial consolidated text).

Reclamations and information  

In the event of a complaint or in a need of additional information you can write to an e-mail address or give a call to a telephone number +3868 2008 657. Apollo d.o.o. undertakes to resolve all disputes by mutual agreement. If the dispute cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, the court at the place of the company’s registered office shall have jurisdiction.

Material default

Definition of the material default:

The default is real:

  • if the product does not have the characteristics necessary for its normal use or circulation;
  • if the product does not have the characteristics necessary for the specific use for which the buyer made the purchase for but the seller knew or should have known of the default;
  • if the product does not have the characteristics and qualities that have been explicitly or tacitly agreed upon or prescribed;
  • if the provider has delivered a product that does not match the sample or model, unless the sample or model was shown for notice only.


Product suitability check

The suitability of a product for normal use shall be judged in the light of ordinary goods of the same type and in the light of any seller’s statements concerning the characteristics of the goods made by the seller or manufacturer, in particular by advertising, presenting the product or quoting the goods themselves.

Enforce of the material default

The buyer must notify the provider of any material defect at his own expense within the statutory time limit. The notification must contain a precise description of the default. The buyer must allow the provider to review the product. The right to claim a material default is more clearly defined in the Consumer Protection Act. The material default claim form for a product ordered exclusively online can be found HERE.

Saving the contract (orders)

All completed orders are archived at Apollo d.o.o., Puhova ulica 18, 2250 Ptuj.  Orders and copies of invoices are archived at the corporate headquarters.



The online store (hereinafter referred to as the “online store”) is operated by Apollo doo, Svetinci 35, 2253 Destrnik, DS SI95965645, which is also an e-commerce service provider (hereinafter: the provider or company or controller of personal data) ) The controller ensures that the customer’s personal data will only be processed for purposes with which the customer explicitly agrees. Consent to the transfer of personal data is voluntary and may be revoked at any time in the same manner as it was given. In case the personal data is not provided by the buyer or to the extent that consent is revoked, the data controller cannot fulfil the purpose for which the data are collected. This privacy statement applies to


By using the online store, the user agrees to the data usage described in the personal data collection statement.

Collection of personal data

By shopping in the online store, the user permits Apollo d.o.o (the provider). as the controller of the personal data database, all data transmitted by the user and the content of the purchases are collected and processed by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”). The Bidder undertakes to protect your personal data and other information collected at the time of the award in accordance with GDRP from disclosure and disclosure to third parties (except for third parties that process data solely on behalf and under the instructions of Apollo doo) , and will use it solely for the purpose of completing the order, billing and resolving any complaints and other necessary communications. The provider also undertakes to permanently protect all personal data of the user. The Web Store may also automatically collect some information about your computer hardware and software. These include: IP address, browser type, domain names, access time, and website addresses that you visit in our online store. The provider uses this information solely to calculate general statistics on online store usage and optimization.


Types of users

Registered user:A registered user of an online store acquires the right to make an online purchase.A registered user logs in to the online store during the purchase process. The new user registers with the online store during the purchase process.To register to the online store Apollo d.o.o. the following accurate and true personal information (name, surname, address, postal code, place of residence, e-mail address, mobile phone number, country of residence) must be provided. Apollo is not responsible for the accuracy, timeliness, completeness and correctness of its members’ personal information, but undertakes to treat them carefully and in accordance with the law in force.

Unregistered user (Quick purchase without registration): An unregistered user in an online store is entitled to make an online purchase. An unregistered user lists their details in a shopping cart for the purpose of making a purchase.   For the purpose of making the purchase, the following accurate and true information must be provided: name, surname, address, postal code, place of residence, e-mail address, mobile phone number and country of residence. Apollo d.o.o. is not responsible for the accuracy, timeliness, completeness and correctness of the personal data of its members, but undertakes to treat them carefully and in accordance with the law in force.

The provider collects, manages, processes and stores the following user’s data for the purpose of performing its services:   Customer registration (natural person): • name and surname, • title • postcode • place of residence • email address (username), • password • contact phone number, • mode of communication • status of “natural person” (company NOT) • time and date of registration, • other information voluntarily entered by the user into the input fields.    Customer registration (legal entity): • company name • business address • postcode • contact person • Phone number of the contact person • Company tax ID and tax ID • email address (username), • password • Legal entity status (YES) • time and date of registration, • other information voluntarily entered by the user into the input fields.    When a purchase is made, the following are also recorded: • Delivery address and country of delivery • change of data, • other information that the user voluntarily enters into forms in the online store, • IP address from which the user accesses the site (in case of credit card or payment card payment), • archive of communication, • information on the content of the contract, • method of payment, • mode of acquisition, • date of the order.

Use of personal information The provider collects information in order to ensure the proper functioning of the online store and to provide the services required. Apollo d.o.o. needs personal information for smooth execution of the purchase in the online store, which includes individual communication with the customer via e-mail and / or given telephone number (SMS / MMS / Viber messages, phone calls, etc.) and for the needs of fulfilling the order (sending information materials, offers, invoices, order delivery). We keep customer data on the server for 2 years from the last purchase. We then anonymize the information provided by the customer at the time of ordering. We permanently store the IP address of an order that has been settled with a credit or debit card. Saving the Contract (Orders): All orders placed are archived at Apollo d.o.o., Svetinci 35, 2253 Destrnik. Orders and copies of invoices are archived at the corporate headquarters. The buyer can receive a copy by sending a request by e-mail:   In case of “invasion” in the base we are not responsible for the consequences in the computer system. In any case, Apollo d.o.o. implemented all necessary and statutory measures. Personal information will only be used for the purposes for which the online store user has given his or her consent and for the provision of the services provided by the company. The user is also responsible for the protection of personal data by ensuring the security of his / her username and password and adequate software (antivirus) protection of his / her information system or. electronic devices.   The user, with his personal consent, simultaneously agrees and authorizes the provider as the controller of personal data to forward the personal data collected to the contractual partners with whom he has concluded personal data processing contracts and who process the data on behalf of the provider and for his account for the above purposes. Information from online store buyers is provided to third parties only if they are necessary for the execution of the ordering process and payment processing. The service provider will only provide the service provider with the necessary information for delivery to the online store of purchased products (user name, delivery address, telephone number and email address). If the buyer chooses the “Payment by card” mode, the provider cooperates with Bankart d.o.o. regarding the payment progress. The information is used by third parties solely for the purpose of fulfilling their obligations under the execution of the order and payment process. The Bidder undertakes not to disclose the information to third parties (who do not participate in the contract execution and payment processing process), except to the extent required by applicable law, if required by the national authorities, or in good faith, that such action is necessary for proceedings before the courts or other public authorities and for the protection and the exercise of the legitimate interests of the offeror.

Deletion of personal data

The provider undertakes to permanently protect and collect and process all personal data of the user in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation in the field of personal data protection. The provider will keep personal data of users only for such time as is strictly necessary in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Final Provisions

1. The applicable General Terms and Conditions are published on the website

2. The same shall apply to any amendments and supplements to the applicable General Terms and Conditions, arising from the changed business policy of the provider or the applicable legislation.