FreeON Galaxy i-Size Child Car Seat Rated for the First Time

The safety tests conducted by the German automotive organization ADAC are highly regarded for their credibility and independence. This year, AMZS, in collaboration with reputable European automobile clubs, once again examined the features of child car seats. Notably, they invited the Slovenian brand FreeON for the first time. The Galaxy i-Size car seat received a satisfactory rating in the ADAC testing, establishing itself as a secure, user-friendly, and reliable product in our market.

Stringent Testing Criteria

The child car seats selected for testing by European automotive clubs in collaboration with AMZS had to meet the rigorous criteria of ADAC testing, conducted in cooperation with the independent German consumer organization Stiftung Warentest. These demanding tests are a significant indicator of product quality due to their strict standards. This year, among the 30 tested models, the FreeON Galaxy i-Size child car seat received a satisfactory rating for safety, ease of use, comfort, and the absence of harmful substances. This rating confirms that FreeON’s child car seat is a reliable and high-quality product in our market.

FreeON Galaxy i-Size Car Seat: Reliable and High-Quality

ADAC tests are known for their strict standards, and the FreeON Galaxy i-Size child car seat underwent thorough examination, providing trust in its safety. As the name suggests, this car seat complies with the latest i-Size standard and is suitable for children from 40 to 105 cm in height. Its adjustable back and headrest positions, along with a 360° rotating seat, are essential user-friendly features. It secures to the vehicle using the isofix system in combination with a support leg. A 5-point safety harness ensures the child’s secure attachment to the car seat, which is comfortable and made from high-quality, pleasant, and non-harmful materials. ADAC’s testing, which assesses various aspects related to safety, usability, and comfort, confirms that it is a comprehensive and high-quality product.

Key Features Under Scrutiny

ADAC tests evaluate safety aspects through frontal and side crashes, assessing seatbelt effectiveness and seat attachment stability. Additionally, they examine the ease of installation in the car, child fastening, height adjustability, ease of cleaning, and the comprehensibility of instructions. The next testing segment focuses on ergonomics, including space, child comfort, and position, as well as the seat’s volume within the vehicle. Furthermore, the laboratory checks for harmful substances like flame retardants, naphthalene, phthalates, and other substances known to be harmful, even in children’s toys.

FreeON car seats are available at Baby Center stores and their online shop.

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