The solution for carefree evenings for young parents

When the third family member, a small baby, joins the loving couple, it is often heard that parents find time for themselves only when the child falls asleep. This is precious time that you have for yourself, for your partner or hanging out with friends, and often also for missed housework. You probably already know that everything is much easier with an electronic babysitter. Why? Because if you have a reliable FreeON electronic babysitter, it will provide you peace of mind, as it will watch over your baby instead of you while the baby is sleeping. The electronic babysitter will suddenly become your best friend, whom you can rely on always and everywhere. Thanks to it, you will be able to completely relax and devote yourself to your tasks in peace, while the child is sleeping in the other room.

Why do you need an electronic babysitter?

An electronic babysitter is a device that allows parents to listen to a sound or watch their child on the screen while they are in another room. In the past audio babysitters were popular, but these days more and more parents prefer video babysitters, which make it possible for you to hear and see your child at the same time. The video monitor allows you to check on the baby without entering the room and disturbing its sleep, and at the same time, you can quickly notice if the baby has any problems, for example, poor sleep, a full diaper, if it wants to get out of bed or anything else. Some babysitters, including the FreeON Aria baby video babysitter, are equipped with a two-way operation feature, so you can use it to talk to the child in another room, calm him down and if you’re successful, put him to sleep. Video babysitters are not only convenient for monitoring the child’s sleep, but you can use them to monitor the child’s play in one room, while you are busy with tasks in another room.

Things to keep in mind when buying an electronic babysitter

There are many different types of electronic babysitters on the market with different functionalities. Before you decide which one to choose, you should keep in mind what functionality you need. Will an audio babysitter that transmits only sound be enough, or do you need a video babysitter which will allow you to keep an eye on your child all the time? In addition, operating range and battery life are also crucial. If you are going to take the electronic babysitter to the other end of the house, to the terrace or garden, it should have an as wide range as possible. To be carefree for several hours or days without having to charge the batteries, their capacity is also important.


In addition to these three basic criteria, which should be the first condition for choosing an electronic babysitter, you can indulge yourself with the additional functionalities they offer. In addition to a 200-meter range and charging via USB, the FreeON Aria video babysitter also offers the option of two-way communication, playing lullabies or classical music, infrared night vision, a high-resolution monitor, adjustable camera angle and many options for setting alerts, while the FreeON Lora audio babysitter offers the functionality of  USB charging, an operation range of up to 300 meters, a highly sensitive microphone for receiving audio signals, and a night light.

Enjoy peace of mind

As parents, we love our children and enjoy spending time with them, but nothing beats that triumphant feeling when you put your child to bed after a long day, sit on the terrace and enjoy the peace. Audio and video nannies for children are one of the best basics and the most useful tools with which you can make the most of your time when your child is sleeping.


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